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OLGA, Czech Banker

Perfect mix of professionalism and friendly encouraging motivation. Greatly improved my grammar and oral communication.  An enjoyable and easier way to rapidly understand French more accurately. 

SERGEY, Russian Engineer

I took 4 lessons of AVlingua course of intensive preparation for FIDE Swiss exam (B1 oral)
and I can say that these 6.5 hours gave me more than 30 hours in the group of 16 students of the course I was having in a school in Geneva. I was a bit confused first 10 minutes of the lesson, this was my first experience of SKYPE learning, but, due to Virginia’s talent, I felt like I was in the classroom together with her.
By the end of the course I spoke French much more fluent than after 2 weeks in the school.
So if somebody needs to be prepared to FIDE, Virginia’s lessons are the best way
to achieve this.


ANDREY, Russian Corporate Controlling Systems

I took 7 lessons with Virginia as preparation for FIDE Swiss exam (B1), which I successfully passed. My objective was to consolidate in a very short time my knowledge from various French courses I took long time ago. I have found the lessons very useful.  The sessions are well organized from the technical/interaction point of view (good internet connection, sound, screen sharing etc). Also, Virginia immediately provides written feedback and summary of the lessons, as well as homework for the next class. In particular, I have significantly improved my writing skills for official letters and emails. 

HAYLEY, australian Responsible for marketing and public relations

I would highly recommend learning French with AVlingua. Very engaging and tailored the lessons to my specific requirements. Thank you for all the help. 😊


RACHEL, australian Business director

Coming from Australia I wasn’t exposed to any other languages until the age of 25 so learning French was very difficult for me. We travel almost twice monthly and I didn’t have the time for lessons locally at home. The practicality of AVlingua were perfect for me living on the road! When I started with I wasn’t confident to speak any French at all. The teacher made me feel extremely comfortable in a safe learning environment and got me to a level where I was confident to speak in real life situations ! My reading and writing are now good enough to read news and websites in French ! 

RADEK, Polish European Commission

Uważam że jest to najlepsza metoda nauki języka ze względu na: bardzo wysoki profesjonalizm nauczyciela, efektywność ponieważ w lekcji może uczestniczyć tylko student i nauczyciel oraz dużą oszczędność czasu ponieważ nie trzeba dojeżdżać do szkoły a zajęcia mogą odbywać się właściwie w każdym miejscu. Jednak co jest najważniejsze to widzę u siebie duży postęp w stosunku do początku nauki co jest prawdziwą miarą sukcesu.

PINAR, Turkish Housewife

I had classes with Virginie before my Swiss FIDE exam. She has a wide range of very informative learning materials and is very experienced and specialized in FIDE preparation. I was very happy with her. 


LIAM, English Lawyer

AVlingua is an excellent way to learn French. The teacher is patient and enthusiastic . She has the ability to explain difficult concepts simple. The lessons are also fun and practical. I cannot recommend her highly enough. 

JESSICA, italian Interior designer

Non c’è cosa migliore nell’ imparare velocemente una lingua di un insegnante paziente e sempre disponibile per te. Oltre alla pazienza la professoressa ha la capacità di stimolare uno studente insegnando le giuste regole ma anche di farti lanciare sulla nuova lingua senza avere vergogna.

HELENA, española Enfermera

Por falta de tiempo nunca me había decidido a estudiar francés. Cuando descubri AVlingua pensé que su método era una buena opción. El ‘face a face’ hace que se adapte a las necesidades de cada persona. Practicamos muchísimo la conversación (este era un punto importante para mi), sin dejar de aprender la parte mas teórica de la lengua. En un principio pensaba que hacer las clases a través de videollamada seria problemático, pero ahora, despues de un año, solo veo que ventajas. También adapta el vocabulario al ámbito que cada uno necesita, pudiendo aprender diferentes registros y tambien reforzar en mi caso, por ejemplo, vocabulario relacionado con la sanidad. Las clases son dinámicas, ya que vamos cambiando de actividades, una hora y media me pasa volando! El ritmo lo marca el alumno, sin darme cuenta en un año he progresado mucho.

JULIETTE, Dutch Accountant

I have started learning French so many times in the last 25 years, but I never came very far. Finally, last year, Virginie was recommended to me. Learning French via Skype with Virginie.
What a change, what a chance! I have now been studying for a year with Virginie.
The beginning was scary 😊 But Virginie is such an easy-going person,
I was soon looking forward to my lessons. Virginie has a great way of teaching. She has an incredible understanding.
Whenever I try to tell her something in my broken French, she understands. For me it was very important to start talking, which of course, you have to with Skype. Virginie makes it easy for you to start talking (in French) and with all the different ways she teaches you the same thing, you will suddenly find yourself feeling much better to understanding French. I recommend Virginie to everybody, who likes to learn French thoroughly in a very enthusiastic way.

MARIA, Russian Biostatistician

I was prepared with Skype French lessons for the oral FIDE Swiss exam by AVlingua. I really liked the classes online, the way the teacher organized our work, the dialogues that we had on particular topics (jeux de rôle) were really helpful for my oral skills ! I think it is a good way to progress – to prepare the vocabulary for a certain topic, and then play the dialogues. I am also very happy about organizing the homework. Thank you very much for correcting it! And for adjusting the classes the way to repeat the most difficult points. Besides that, it is indeed a pleasure to study with Virginie. As she is really easy-going person and a really good teacher!


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