B O N J O U R !
AVlingua offers either personalized French classes for foreigners via Skype with a private French teacher or Blended
learning (online classes + e-learning). If you want to learn French online, that’s the perfect solution
for you!
With our French courses for all levels (from beginners to advanced), you will find the lessons that match
your needs.
No time to learn French?
With our online courses you’re now able to learn at your office, when you’re commuting or during
your time off!
Learn French efficiently with a private French teacher via Skype and e-leaning and you’ll be able to
have a conversation in French very soon. Our lessons provided via Skype and e-learning are designed
for professionals and adults who want to improve their level in French.
Start to learn French today!
Take a look at our lessons and get a 30 minutes free course to assess your level and define your
goals with your private French teacher.

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JULIETTE, Dutch Accountant

I have started learning French so many times in the last 25 years, but I never came very far. Finally, last year, Virginie was recommended to me. Learning French via Skype with Virginie.
What a change, what a chance! I have now been studying for a year with Virginie.
The beginning was scary 😊 But Virginie is such an easy-going person,
I was soon looking forward to my lessons. Virginie has a great way of teaching. She has an incredible understanding.
Whenever I try to tell her something in my broken French, she understands. For me it was very important to start talking, which of course, you have to with Skype. Virginie makes it easy for you to start talking (in French) and with all the different ways she teaches you the same thing, you will suddenly find yourself feeling much better to understanding French. I recommend Virginie to everybody, who likes to learn French thoroughly in a very enthusiastic way.

MARIA, Russian Biostatistician

I was prepared with Skype French lessons for the oral FIDE Swiss exam by AVlingua. I really liked the classes online, the way the teacher organized our work, the dialogues that we had on particular topics (jeux de rôle) were really helpful for my oral skills ! I think it is a good way to progress – to prepare the vocabulary for a certain topic, and then play the dialogues. I am also very happy about organizing the homework. Thank you very much for correcting it! And for adjusting the classes the way to repeat the most difficult points. Besides that, it is indeed a pleasure to study with Virginie. As she is really easy-going person and a really good teacher!

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